Report the Annual Tax Return, should it?

Recently discussed about the reporting of Annual Income Tax Return for both Personal and Business Person. What is the baseline so one should report the Annual Income Tax Returns? of course the answer is someone must report

Candyman by Christina Aguilera spelled the audience

Everybody knows Christina Aguilera, as she is star singer in music industry. She is favorite of many people due to melodious voice.Candyman by Christina Aguilera is the third single of her superb hit album Back to Basics.

Exploring Options Of A Career In Music

If you think that music is only a hobby or passion, think again. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Music today is a full-fledged professional choice and a highly paying one at that for those

Smart Meter Action Kit

This “Smart Meter” Action Kit contains valuable information about so-called “Smart Meters.” Conveniently, this information is being withheld by hydro and power authorities in hopes that deployment will go ahead unchallenged, without sufficient research into the health,

Fortis BC

Contained here are submissions, files and legal letters to and from the BCUC as intervener on FortisBC’s Hearing for Smart Meters. FortisBC’s Electricity Utility provides electrical service to approximately 111,500 customers in the south central part of