Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour in honey bees? (2011)

Studying Possible Non-Thermal Influences on Honey Bees – An Approach within the Framework of Educational Informatics


In recent years the public discussion has been focused increasingly on possible unhealthy effects of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (particularly of mobile-phones) on human beings. Whereas thermal effects of this radiation could be explained very well, non-thermal effects could hardly be clarified. In our last works, we pointed out that – from view of Educational Informatics – honey bees are suitable bioindicators to serve as a model of a living being to study learning processes especially in this aspect.

“In this paper, we describe a first pilot study, which explores the non-thermal influence of highfrequency electromagnetic fields. Therefore we observe the behaviour of honey bees (apis mellifera carnica) by exposing them to the radiation of DECT-phones. In this study four respectively eight bee-colonies were used as experimental group and were irradiated, whereas the same numbers of comparable bee-colonies was field-free. The observed parameters were the building behaviour . . .

“All observed honey bees had the same weather conditions. These figures show that the quantity of returning bees of the non-exposed honey bees was bigger as well as the returning time of the few returning exposed honey bees was distinctly longer.

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