Effect of modulated microwave radiation on electroencephalographic rhythms and cognitive processes

Estonia – 2008


“The above adds knowledge to the understanding of microwave effects on EEG and cognitive processes.

  1. The results show that ID and LDLVP methods can detect small changes in EEG signals caused by microwave exposure. Microwave exposure causes most remarkable increase in the EEG alpha power and less increase in the beta power.
  2. The effect of microwave radiation on the EEG rhythms depends on the modulation frequency and has non-thermal origin. The effect is stronger at modulation frequencies higher or close to the EEG rhythms frequencies.
  3. Sensitivity to microwave exposure is individual, the rate of the subjects significantly affected was 13-30%.
  4. Physiological adaptation of the brain compensates and even overcompensates the effect of the microwave exposure.
  5. The microwave effect is not linearly related to the applied field power density.
  6. The changes in human performance, due to microwave exposure, in visual memory tasks and visual information processing are small but statistically significant.

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