Microwave radiation has effect on human EEG rhythms – Estonia

Microwave radiation has modulation frequency dependent stimulating effect on human EEG rhythms


“The results of the experimental study support the hypothesis raised: the effect of the low-level microwave radiation has a stimulating effect that is dependent of modulation frequency. We can conclude that the modulated low-level microwave radiation causes changes in the EEG rhythms energy at the frequencies lower than the modulation frequency.

“The findings allowed us to determine the following tendencies:

  • microwave stimulation causes an increase of the EEG energy level;
  • the effect is most intense at higher modulation frequencies.

“The changes in the EEG rhythm energy level were statistically significant in frontal and tempora-parietal channels for theta and in occipital channels for alpha rhythm frequencies. Individual sensitivity and response to stimulation are very different.

“The mechanism of the findings is not clear and the effect needs further investigation.”

This study has been supported by the Estonian Science Foundation Grant No 5143.

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