Modulated microwave effects on individuals with depressive disorder (2007)



“Our experimental results showed that effect of microwave exposure to 450 MHz modulated at 1,000 Hz frequency was more considerable in a group of patients with depressive disorder than healthy subjects.

“Clinical evaluation of the effect using BAS and VAS tests revealed mood improvement after exposure for majority of depressive subjects (11) and no changes for others (7). The results can be also caused by the factors differing from microwave.

“The EEG analysis based on the ratio of beta to theta rhythms energy showed that microwave exposure produced changes in the EEG for both, healthy and depressive sub- jects and the values of changes were comparable. However, the number of subjects affected significantly by microwave was five times higher in depression group (5 subjects) compared to the number in healthy group (1 subject).

This study has been supported by the Estonian Science Foundation grant No 6632.

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