What are OUR RIGHTS?

A comment from Nikki in Nova Scotia

“I am extremely electro-sensitive and especially around WI-FI.  I traveled across Canada this past year on the VIA train and got into a conversation with one of the train employees and he was saying how he hopes that VIA doesn’t get WI-FI on the train because people will miss the whole point of the train which is taking in the spectacular views of the scenery and people will be addicted to their gadgets instead.  I told him that I suffer health effects and hope they don’t either.  When I had to change trains from Toronto to Montreal SADLY they had WI-FI on that train and I immediately felt the effects.  It was so bad I was considering disembarking in Kingston. Ont.  Now I believe airlines all have it and also people will be able to use their cellphones sitting right next to one.

My question is – what are OUR RIGHTS?  There are serious health consequences and the Minister of Health as well as corporations should be respecting us.



Nova Scotia”

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