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Standing the Test of Time

These pages present informational materials that continue to be relevant and useful over time, even though they date back five years or more.  The contents provide a perspective over time of the issue of wireless technologies, electromagnetic

Smart Meter Moratorium & Opt Out – List of Communities so far

Cities requesting Smart Meter Moratorium and / or Opt Out CURRENT Tally : 59 A growing number of responsive and proactive B.C. Municipal and City Councils are passing motions for moratoriums on mandatory installation of B.C. Hydro’s

Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour in honey bees? (2011)

Studying Possible Non-Thermal Influences on Honey Bees – An Approach within the Framework of Educational Informatics Abstract In recent years the public discussion has been focused increasingly on possible unhealthy effects of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (particularly of

Mobile Communications: The Cause for the Global Disappearance of the Bees

Handout / Tri-Fold Brochure – The World Foundation for Natural Science The Bees Disappear Weakening of the Immune System Disruption of Orientation Adverse Effects on the Waggle Dance Stimulation to Emit Piping Noise If the Bees Disappear,

Electro-Pollution May be the Greatest Threat to the Biosphere

An excellent article about the severe danger to the health of our environment posed by RF radiation. It includes many quotes from several doctors, researchers, and a scientific journalist that could be a great use when trying