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Questions from parents regarding Wi-Fi in schools, contact:


Teacher updates re Wi-Fi in schools or information about BCTF policies not found on the website:

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Class Action Lawsuit questions:

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Smart Meter billing questions and problems:

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Class Action Lawsuit registrations or other smart meter questions:

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EMF/EMR and Cell Antenna/Tower questions: 


Proactive Solutions for your living environment:

For insights or assistance in shielding your family and home from RF radiation from devices such as smart meters, Wi-Fi, mobile and cordless phones, cell tower signals, and dirty electricity in townhome or condo (shared walls)

B.C. Lower Mainland:  Farren Lander (Healthy Homes Environmental)
Okanagan Valley: Dr. Ross Anderson (Unplugged Health Solutions)

Central Okanagan: Ted Archibald –

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