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IEMFA is the International Electromagnetic Fields Alliance, supported by an independent and growing global body of empirically-based scientific experts on living processes, with a multilevel, multidisciplinary health focus.  The Experts cover a wide range of Biological, Physics, Medical and Epidemiologic disciplines, ranging from electron and molecular level to the level of living cells, tissues and the functioning of different organ systems.

They cooperate worldwide to supply a coherent, multilevel insight into the chaotic multitude of observed biological disruptions when exposed to non-ionizing radiation, addressing important long-term degradation threats for pubic health.  IEMFA collaborates with leading life-science institutions and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (MSMA)
education and advocacy to protect public health

Who We Are
Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (MSMA) is an alliance of concerned people that have come together in response to the mass rollout of digital, wireless smart meters.  We feel that Smart Meters violate our rights to health, national security, privacy, and safety.

What We Want
We are asking the Public Service Commission (PSC) to impose a moratorium on Smart Meters until they are conclusively proven reliable and safe.  The least we are asking is for an “opt out” for those who would prefer to retain their analogue meter at no additional penalty or cost to the consumer.

Specifically, we aim to protect the rights of all residents to:

  • Wireless safety in our homes and neighborhoods;
  • Maintain our right to privacy within our homes;
  • Protect our health.

As Delmarva and Smeco gather momentum and BGE and Pepco continue their smart meter roll-out, health and other concerns are beginning to surface. We therefore urge these utilities and the Maryland Public Service Commission to enforce the precautionary principle and to learn from the mistakes made by other utilities that rushed into a highly questionable, technological fiasco.

MSMA urges the PSC to call for a moratorium to the program and mandate that further research be done on the health effects and other issues relating to these untested devices. Although MSMA feels that retaining our analog meter is the safest option, we also would support the use of fiber optic if the utilities feel the necessity to switch over to a smart grid. At a minimum, MSMA asks that the PSC require utilities to offer an opt-out for people who do not want the smart meters installed on their homes and businesses. . . .

Healthy Homes Environmental (Canada)
Electropollution consulting, detection and protection

Home and Business Assessments for Electromagnetic Fields (Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia)

Your home’s electrical system, along with your HVAC (heating, venting, air conditioning) and plumbing make up your home’s three essential systems. Of the three, the electrical system is the most vulnerable to contamination by electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

Electropollution can be reduced to healthy and acceptable levels, creating a safe haven for you and your family. Any reduction of electromagnetic fields in your environment is beneficial for health and well-being.

National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST)

Child centred USA: includes links to other websites

Mission Statement
To Advance policies regarding technology that safeguard children’s health and well being in order to ensure a strong future for the United States of America

Who We Are

The National Association for Children and Safe Technology was founded by three parents, each located at great distances from one another: California , Alaska and the Northeast. Our stories and viewpoints may be different, but we all share a strong dedication and commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our children when it comes to technology.

We are here because we recognize the critical need to share this information until it becomes common knowledge.

EM Radiation Research Trust (U.K.)

Researching Electromagnetic Radiation and Health Effects

The EM Radiation Research Trust is an independent body. The aim of the organisation is to provide the facts about electro-magnetic radiation and our health to the public and the media. The organisation is funded solely by donations and charitable status has been granted, registered No. 1106304.

What do we do?

  • Explain what is an often confused issue in an understandable way and make the past and current evidence available to the public and the media
  • Lobby the U.K. Government and the E.U. to fund and prioritise the research effort
  • Campaign for law and policy change based on scientific evidence
  • For more independent research into health aspects of mast emissions including a study of a cancer cluster adjacent to a mast site
  • To implement the APMG report with the establishing of a truly independent standard setting body advising on EM emission levels and direction of beams of greatest intensity and potential sensitive sites such as schools, etc.

Stop Smart Meters! (California/ universal and ongoing)

fighting for your health, privacy and safety

“Growing out of the grassroots group Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters, which was started in June 2010, Stop Smart Meters! has now evolved into an advocacy, media outreach, and direct action organization providing activism consultation and advice to dozens of local groups sprouting up who are fighting the wireless ‘smart’ meter assault. The smart meter debacle is a huge threat to our health, safety, privacy, and wallet. But it is also an opportunity and a teachable moment about the dangers of wireless technology, corporate control, and false solutions to a looming climate catastrophe.

“With your help, we can work toward a truly sustainable, equitable and democratic energy system, and new wireless standards that will put human and environmental health before profit. The ‘smart’ meter fight has brought about new, unlikely political alliances. We plan on strengthening these new ties for the battles to come.”

Call your utility and tell them you want to retain or restore the analog meter at no cost! Demand to retain your analog meter- don’t take no for an answer. Also, build a box or cage around your analog meter to defend it against theft by your utility.

If your local city/ county has not acted against the smart meter attack, organize local residents and demand that they do their job to protect public health and safety. SSM! can advise about organizing and peaceful direct action against ‘smart’ meter installation in your community.

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC

British Columbia, Canada

This website contains information about:

  • The Class Action LAWSUIT underway against BC Hydro, regarding the installation of wireless smart meters on BC homes and businesses
  • Smart meter FIRES
  • Specific, helpful information about METERS and GRIDS

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Safe In School

Possible Health Consequences of Wi-Fi on Children

Is Wi-Fi Safe for Children?

A Blog devoted to awareness about wireless technologies and the effects they have on health.

Doctors and Scientists around the world have warned against unnecessary exposure of children to RF/microwave from wireless technology and recommend safer WIRED internet connection instead, both in school and at home.

We are parents who fully support the use of computers and the incorporation of technology in education, and we believe that it must be implemented in a SAFE manner.

Information also in Cantonese and Mandarin.

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Microwave News (USA)

A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Covers the entire non-ionizing electromagnetic spectrum, with special emphasis on mobile phones and power lines, as well as radar and broadcast towers.  Widely recognized as a fair and objective source of information on this controversial subject, Microwave News is independent, and is not aligned with any industry or government agency.

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“Take Back Your Power – The Website” is a collection of current news and information about the Smart Meter issue in the USA, Canada and beyond.

“Take Back Your Power – The Documentary” takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as we question the benefits and risks of “smart” meters and grid technology… and corporate practices to tap private information and erode our rights in the name of “green”.

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Stop the Radio Towers WEBSITE

Point Roberts, Whatcom County U.S.A. / Delta and Tsawwassen, B.C. Canada

The Point Roberts Conservation Society is a nonprofit foundation registered in 1993.

We are committed to providing education on responsible land use, indigenous history, protection and sustenance of our unique environment of forest, wetlands, and coastline.

We welcome new members:

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BioInitiative 2012 Report: new urgent warnings on wireless and EMF public health risks

EMF Safety Network

A new updated BioInitiative 2012 Report says that evidence for risks to health has substantially increased since 2007 from electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technologies (radiofrequency radiation).  The report reviews over 1800 new scientific studies and includes 29 independent science and medical experts from around the world.  Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk.

Summary of Key Scientific Evidence:

  • Evidence for Damage to Sperm and Reproduction
  • Evidence that Children are More Vulnerable
  • Evidence for Fetal and Neonatal Effects
  • Evidence for Effects on Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • Evidence for Electrohypersensitivity
  • Evidence for Effects from Cell Tower-Level RFR Exposures
  • Evidence for Effects on the Blood-brain Barrier
  • Evidence for Effects on Brain Tumors
  • Evidence for Effects on Genes (Genotoxicity)
  • Evidence for Effects on the Nervous System (Neurotoxicity)
  • Evidence for Effects on Cancer (Childhood Leukemia, Adult Cancers)
  • Melatonin, Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease Stress,
  • Stress Proteins and DNA as a Fractal Antenna
  • Effects of Weak-Field Interactions on Non-Linear Biological Oscillators and Synchronized Neural Activity

Cell and cordless phones linked to cancer

Lennart Hardell, MD at Orebro University, Sweden says, “There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones.” He further states:

“Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a human carcinogen. The existing FCC/IEE and ICNIRP public safety limits and reference levels are not adequate to protect public health.”

A dozen new studies link cell phone radiation to sperm damage. Even a cell phone in the pocket or on a belt may harm sperm DNA, result in misshapen sperm, and impair fertility in men. Laptop computers with wireless internet connections can damage DNA in sperm.

Based on strong evidence for vulnerable biology in autism, EMF/RFR can plausibly increase autism risk and symptoms. ” While we aggressively investigate the links between autism disorders and wireless technologies, we should minimize wireless and EMF exposures for people with autism disorders, children of all ages, people planning a baby, and during pregnancy,” says Martha Herbert, MD, PhD.

Wireless devices such as phones and laptops used by pregnant women may alter brain development of the fetus. This has been linked in both animal and human studies to hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems.

There is more evidence than we need

“The last five years worth of new scientific studies tell us the situation is much worse than in 2007 and yet people around the world have so much more daily exposure than even five years ago. Exposures are linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes that may have significant public health consequences.” (Editor’s notes)

“There is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm.” David O. Carpenter, MD, co-editor Bioinitiative 2012 Report.

This study covers EMF from powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices; and from wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, ‘smart meters’, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, and other electronic devices).  Health topics include damage to DNA and genes, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. New safety standards are urgently needed for protection against EMF and wireless exposures that now appear everywhere in daily life.

And on smart meters:

An urgent example for the need to address the lack of adequate public protection from inadequate safety standards for pulsed RFR exposures is the rapid, global rollout of wireless utility meters (‘smart’ meters for electricity, gas and water meters). Current safety standard calculations that rely on time-averaging of RFR almost entirely dilute out the power density of RFR levels that are delivered in millisecond bursts, but occur at intervals of every second, or multiple times per second when in use within a wireless mesh network. Said differently, the RFR power density levels are usually legal. While there have been no long term studies of adverse effects of smart meters on human health (primarily because they are so new), there are increasing reports from electrosensitive individuals of harm. Added together, these RFR pulses that now appear to be a highly bioactive agent but are essentially erased or made energetically invisible by time-averaging the pulses as current FCC safety rules mandate.


The wireless meters transmit RF signals like a mini-cell tower antennas in the cell phone radiation frequencies. Currently, they are being deployed in the US and are on the drawing boards around the world including many European countries. The ‘smart meter’ infrastructure represents the largest single commercial saturation of living space with pulsed RFR yet rolled out by industry. This program places a wireless device (like a mini-mobile phone base station) on the wall, replacing the electromechanical (spinning dial) meter. They will be installed on every home and classroom (every building with an electric meter). Utilities from California to Maine have installed tens of millions already, despite health concerns of experts who already are seeing thousands of health complaints. The wireless meters produce spikes of pulsed radiofrequency radiation on a continuous basis (24/7), and in typical operation, will saturate living space at levels that can be much higher than already reported to cause bioeffects and adverse health effects for some people. These meters, depending on where they are placed relative to occupied space in the home or classroom, can produce RFR exposure levels similar to that within the first 100 feet to 600 feet of a mobile phone base station (cell tower). In the not-so-distant future the plan is to have a wireless device implanted in every household appliance, which will communicate with the smart meter whenever electricity is being used. This will likely make the kitchen a major source of exposure to RFR.


The cumulative RFR burden within any community is largely unknown. Both involuntary sources (like cell towers, smart meters and second-hand radiation from the use of wireless devices by others) plus voluntary exposures from ones’ personal use of cell and cordless phones, wireless routers, electronic baby surveillance monitors, wireless security systems, wireless hearing aids, and wireless medical devices like implanted insulin pumps all add up. No one is tallying up the combined exposure levels. Billions of new RFR transmitters from a global smart meter rollout will significantly add to the existing RFR body-burden of pulsed RFR for millions of people. The health concerns are the same as with all other sources of EMF/RF. Cancer is the most serious adverse effect, but alteration of male reproduction and central nervous system effects may results from even lower levels of exposure. The work by Strogatz (2001, 2003) and Bezsaki (2006) on weak-field effects on non-linear biological oscillators (brain waves and synchronization of neural activities that regulate body processes) is directly relevant to an understanding of the profound biological disruptions and health symptoms that continued exposures of pulsed RFR may produce . . .

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Powerwatch (U.K.)

policies for a safer environment

Powerwatch is a small non-profit independent organization with a central role in the UK Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation health debate. We work closely with decision-makers in government and business, and with other like-minded groups, promoting policies for a safer environment. We have been researching electromagnetic field effects on health for over 20 years, and provide a range of information to help the general public try to understand this complex issue.

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ElectricSense (Australia)

Lloyd Burrell

This website includes up-to-date insights and articles on all aspects of electromagnetic field exposure.

  • Electromagnetic protection
  • EMF meters
  • Electrical sensitivity
  • Cell phone radiation
  • EMFs in your life
  • Bluetooth radiation
  • Smart meters

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Is Your Technology Safe?

Our aim is to represent 1 million Canadians who are concerned about the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

“The Government of Canada must acknowledge that current assumptions about the safety of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are outdated and must be revised . . .

“Health Canada must implement the recommendations of the House of Commons, Standing Committee on Health 2010 Report . . .

“The federal and provincial governments must modernize their policies related to the proliferation of EMR . . .

“All 3 levels of government must protect and accommodate electrosensitive members of our communities . . .

Website link

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Dr. Magda Havas PhD (Canada)
Information related electromagnetic fields (EMF) that originate from our use of electricity an wireless communication technologies.  The subjects we are mainly concerned with are the harmful effects that EMFs have on human health wildlife and nature. ubjects we are mainly concerned with are the harmful health effects that EMFs have on human health, wildlife, and nature.

Here, Dr. Havas presents her research and the research from other scientists, activists and individuals in the media who all share the goal of informing the public about the hazards of modern electrical technology and how to use these devices safely.

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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution

As a Canadian independent foundation, WEEP acts as an umbrella organization and focuses on progressive initiatives that bring increased awareness, policy change, and entrepreneurial activity around the issues of safe Electro Magnetic emissions.

WEEP News is a service provided by WEEP to keep those interested in and affected by Wireless, Electric, & Electromagnetic Pollution, informed on a daily basis, of all the current issues and initiatives in the world today.

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The Switch2Safe project exists to inform the public about the dangers of e-pollution and to offer Solutions on ways to lower it in the home, at work and in public places. We also encourage anyone affected or concerned with e-pollution to join us and Spread The Word by posting our informational flyers in eye-catching locations both on-line and in the real world!

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WiFi in Schools WEBSITE

videos, articles,

This website is dedicated to helping the public realize that wireless internet, or WiFi, emits radiation that causes a myriad of serious health effects, including damage to DNA, cancer, and infertility. Research shows that autism, ADHD, and other behavioral problems are also associated with wireless radiation exposure. Many scientific and medical experts have issued warnings because of the evidence before them.

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